We are living in unprecedented times, where a lack of leadership from the national to the local level is drastically changing the way we live.  And now more than ever, we need leaders in office who not only talk about change and equity when it’s popular. We need leaders who will dig into the details and enact meaningful legislation to improve the quality of life for everyone. 

The Community's Candidate: Irvine deserves a Mayor who reflects the inclusive, compassionate, and progressive values of our city’s residents. 


As your Mayor, I will continue to:

  • work on our housing issues

  • make our city economically and environmentally sustainable

  • increase transparency throughout city government

  • support individual and business recovery from the economic shutdown

  • keep public safety for all a top priority 

  • provide leadership on social justice issues


Here’s a little bit about myself.  I grew up in the San Francisco/Bay Area, graduated from UC Davis, and began working for a biotech company.  I served 8 years as a Regulatory Affairs Manager in a corporate setting before moving to Irvine.  My husband and I with our two little boys moved to Irvine in 2005 to start our own business, but with the recession found ourselves making the most of some difficult times.   Since then, I’ve been involved with many non-profits and served as the Executive Director of the Newport Mesa Irvine Interfaith Council, a local nonprofit working with faith communities to tackle issues like homelessness and human trafficking while building a more just and compassionate understanding of one another.

I’ve always enjoyed working with the community.  I started by volunteering at my children's school and several non-profits.  I’ve served as PTA President at my sons' elementary school (Deerfield Elementary), served on the PTA Board at the Middle School (Venado), and served on the School Site Council at Irvine High School.  My husband and I are also Legacy Partners with the Irvine Public School Foundation.

One of my joys has been serving on the Steering Committee for the Irvine Global Village Festival for over 8 years.  I’m a proud CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteer with the Irvine Police Department, a program I highly recommend for every resident and business in Irvine.  And I’ve also been an active member of the Irvine Rotary Club for several years.

In 2014, I was appointed to the Community Services Commission by then Councilmember Beth Krom.  During my time as a Commissioner, I took the time to get to know our city’s parks, open spaces, land development, and amenities and advocated for keeping our open spaces preserved for years to come.  


When I ran in 2018 for Irvine City Council, it was based on bringing civility, transparency, and placing residents first.  I came in first out of 12 candidates, becoming the first woman of color - ever to be elected to the City of Irvine. 


Since I took my seat on the City Council 18 months ago, I have been working hard to fight for our community.  This includes:

  • Protecting $2 million of funding for our public education to make sure our schools had on-site nurses and additional support staff.

  • Developing new funding strategies to improve programming and promote the arts at the Irvine Barclay Theater. 

  • Creating 500 workforce housing units and 200 permanent affordable housing units for our homeless, veterans, disabled, and seniors.

  • Working collaboratively with the Irvine Chamber and the Irvine Company to support an ordinance that made all public areas in our city smoke-free.

  • Authoring the creation and implementation of a Climate Action Plan to protect our environment, keep our water clean, and build green.

  • Authoring an option for Community Choice Energy (CCE) in Irvine, a program that gives us, the residents control of where our energy comes from, reducing our costs and using our savings to implement more environmentally sustainable programs.  

  • Passing Resolutions & Proclamations to help to restore our city’s relationship with both our Chinese & LGBTQ communities.

  • Standing side by side with our Black community members fighting for racial justice.

  • Responding to over 12,000 resident emails, hosting 20 roundtable discussions, and attending over 1500 community events.


And our work continues as we keep our city safe from this pandemic and look towards economic recovery.  Our city and its people deserve better.  I believe this and hope you do too.

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